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Tickets and Tasting

As you might guess, you must be 21 and have a valid ID in order to purchase a ticket! (This is a wine festival, after all. It’s sort of in the name.)  You must have a ticket to taste, purchase or drink wine at the Yadkin Valley Wine Festival.

What’s your ticket refund policy?

Sorry, we do not refund tickets. We will have the festival rain or shine!

Is the event rescheduled if it rains?

We are doing this, rain or shine! Bring a poncho if it looks cloudy, or wear your shades if it’s sunny. Either way, we’ll be having fun. 

What about parking or Shuttles?

Festival parking is $10.00 per car. We’re happy to say the proceeds benefit the Elkin Rescue Squad.

Shuttles are $10 per person and run from local hotels.

Can I bring a cooler or backpack?

Sorry, but no. We hope to have everything you’ll need right here on site! 

Of course, exceptions are made for those with special dietary needs, or those with an infant who need a cooler or backpack. Just keep in mind that the cooler or backpack will be inspected upon arrival.

Are pets allowed?

We love Fido as much as you do! However, as you might guess, a lot of people like to come to this event. We do our best to keep things smooth for everyone. Because of this, only service dogs are allowed! The service dogs must follow current federal laws.

I don’t drink wine, can I bring beer?

While we here at Yadkin Valley Wine Festival totally respect that (although, we think you’re missing out), we do prohibit any outside alcoholic beverages. Don’t worry: there will be good food and music for you to enjoy as well!

What happens if I forget my ID?

Then go home and grab it! We require an ID in order to taste wine or drink on the premises. Don’t worry: you’ve got time. We’ll be here. 

Can I set up a tent?

Yes! There is a designated area for tents located behind the bandshell. We strive not to block the view from anyone trying to enjoy the entertainment. 

If you would like to rent a tent that is located in a prime location, please go to the menu bar, click Get Involved, then Tent Rental. Please download the application and send it to us before the deadline.

I have a concealed weapon permit, can I carry?

No Fire Arms or Weapons Allowed on the Premises

How can I volunteer?

We love having volunteers! Volunteers are needed in order to make this event successful. All volunteers get a t-shirt and free parking. If you are interested, please visit our main page, click Get Involved, then Volunteers.

Can I drink wine a friend buys if I don’t have a tasting band?

No! If you purchase, taste or drink wine on the premises, you must have had your age verified and paid for a tasting band.

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